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It is extremely important to us that we look out for our elderly community throughout the struggles of the pandemic and to combat the effects of social isolation and loneliness in elderly patients due to the existing measures. Our team are beyond pleased to have delivered a box of indoor activities to Fountain’s Court Mental Health Unit in Bedford. These activities include relaxation colouring-in books, an array of arts and crafts materials and NHS-themed cupcakes for all staff and residents to enjoy. We hope this may aid the residents to feel more relaxed and at ease throughout the stresses of Covid-19.

Fountain’s Court is a specialist mental health assessment unit, based in Bedford, for older people suffering with mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, dementia and other conditions. The unit provides a fantastic 24-hour care to patients, from offering numerous treatments, therapies and recovery planning right the way through to the active involvement of the patient and their family.

Fountain’s Court is just one of the many NHS facilities that have taken on significant pressures since they having to change the way they practise and care for their patients. Like all mental health units across the country, patients are becoming severely distressed and are undergoing a lot of confusion. Patients find it hard to comprehend the consequences of the pandemic outside of their unit. As a result, many patients are now feeling isolated and lonely with no one to turn to, especially as family had not been able to visit for a length of time.

Kerry Jones, Director

Kerry Jones, Director, says: “We really empathise with the patients, nursing staff and all key workers at Fountain’s Court during this unprecedented time. A lack of visitors alone, not only has an impact upon the elderly patients but also has a knock on effect to those caring and helping them as they have to maintain new ways to keep their relatives encouraged”.

We hope that providing lots of indoor activities to the unit may be a ‘little of something that goes a long way’ by way of keeping spirits up and easing some pressures for the staff.  Our team is hopeful to stay connected with Fountain’s Court and would love to see their progress as restrictions continue to ease.

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